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Come promesso, allo scoccare della mezzanotte, subito online la nuova release di Messenger Discovery. Tantissime le novità, tra queste è stato risolto il bug che affligeva il trasferimento dei file. Ecco il changelog completo:
Here is the complete change log for 1.4. Do not share this information.

New Features:

Parental Controls
- Only allow certain accounts to sign into Messenger
- Block accounts from signing to Messenger that use profanity
- Protect MD settings with parental lock
Unblock a contact after a certain amount of time
- Option to delete the contact as well
- If you are offline when the contact is scheduled to be unblocked then they will be unblocked upon next sign in
Allow conversation windows to stay open after signing out
Automatically decline group conversations when status is not "Online"
Change the visibility (opacity) of contact list
Change the visibility (opacity) of conversation windows
Promote MessengerDiscovery and win a iPod, everything is done automatically

New Commands:
!error has been updated to generate legitimate Messenger errors
!nick command to change nicknane
!psm or !pm command to change personal message
!im command to open an IM window with that contact

New Alerts
when a contact is appearing offline
when a contact changed their personal message
when a contact changes what they are listening to


Vista style Settings interface
Much improved notification when a contact deletes you
Much improved uninstaller.
Contact mananger
- will now let you know if a contact has you on their contact list
- ability to steal display picture
- ability to steal nick name
- ability to steal personal message
- ability to steal all three
Set custom !command prefix
Detection of !command typos
Event log list will now select full rows rather than just the first column
Clicking display pictures in popups will now open an IM window with the contact
Feature search now supports all languages
MD will now search for updates when opening Messenger rather than after signing in
Can now left click to open tray menu

Bug Fixes:

File transfer speed is no longer slow
MD is no longer detected as a virus by popular virus scanners
Fixed display picture loading bugs in "Contacts" feature
Fixed display picture loading bugs in "Display Pictures" feature
Fixed display picture loading bugs in popups
Fixed !imitate bug when there's no parameters
Made "Dont Show 'is Recording Voice Clip'" actually work
Removed "Delete" in display pictures feature because MD is not allowed to delete display pictures without messing up WLM
Stoped flood of alerts when signing in
Dialogs that need you to be signed in will now close when signing out

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